Where is He Anyway? VIJHL Alum

Each week on social media Mark Berry @mfberry60 and Kyle Ireland @Kyle_Ireland31 spotlight former VIJHLers on their hockey journeys. In previous episodes we’ve heard about Buccaneer Julius Zhang in China, Wolves Cory Hatcher in Sweden, the Storm Jalen Price in the WHL, Panther Scott Ismond coaching in US College and GKing Willie Daigneault playing in California.


Here’s the link to previous ‘Where is He Anyway’ episodes on Soundcloud 


Episode 14 - Travis McMillan, Nolan Richardson, Ben Raffler, Braedan Cross


Episode 13 - Sam McMullen, Tyler Carpendale, Ryan Butler and Stratton Pickett


Episode 12 - An update on previously covered players


Episode 11 - Josiah Friesen, Cam Thompson, Curtis Toneff and Clay Carson


Episode 10 - John Hawthorne, Gage Colpron, Ryan Warner and Julius Zhang


Episode 9 - Mathieu Jallabert, Brandon McReynolds, Shawn Parkinson and Jalen Price


Episode 8 - Kobe Oishi, Caleb Franklin, Michael Fretz and Willie Daigneault


Episode 7 - Carter Turnbull, Brett Lervold, Marcello Pericao and Michael Herringer


Episode 6 - Austin Heidt, Liam Shaw, Nick Guerra and Bekkam Willis


Episode 5 - Chad Bell, Brandon Tutte, Scott Ismond and Garrett Dunlop


Episode 4 - Connor Logan, Cory Hatcher, Marcus Gloss and Kyle Wade


Episode 3 - Cameron Coutre, Tyler Welsh, Dawson Heathcote and Derian Hamilton


Episode 2 - Gerry Fitzgerald, Kayden Peck, Andre Sutter and Anthony Ciurro


Episode 1 - Keenan Eddy, Sheldon Brett, Luc Wilson and Andy Stevens


Many of the Hockey TV broadcasts also feature fresh episodes of the program.


If you’re a former VIJHL’er still on your hockey journey Mark and Kyle would be happy to hear from you ( mfberry60@gmail.com or irelan31@hotmail.com ).