These Annually Elected League Positions are available for the 2023 – 2024 Season:


President – The President is in attendance for all meetings and discussions pertaining to the VIJHL . Attends BC Hockey meetings including Elite Meetings.
In support of the 1st Vice President and Director of Player Safety deals with all issues pertaining to discipline . Clear understanding of Policies and Procedures

1st Vice – The Vice President is in charge of the Hockey Operations of the VIJHL and assists all teams and
staff to ensure they understand the VIJHL Bylaws and Policies. The Vice President works closely with the coaching staff.

Secretary – Attends all online meetings with Governors to record discussion and policy changes as required .Updates contact lists and maintains DropBox as the storage of all documentation. Proficient in Dropbox , Excel and Word.

Treasurer – Maintains all accounts held under the VIJHL including required reports to Governors, invoicing and fines and fees.


If you are interested in any of these positions or for a full job description. please contact Simon Morgan at